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Activate and Energize the Meridians

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Everything physical has an emotional and spiritual counterpart.

Meridian Energy Flow

Healthy Energy Flow through the Body is a KEY to OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Wherever the energy flows, the circulation of blood and lymph flow.

The body is perfectly designed with form and function of the organs and their corresponding meridians to support healthy ecosystems for optimal functions.

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3 9 12 Systems of Movement


“Your body is your greatest asset! Take care of it, invest in it, honor it like your life depends on it! Because without it, you have nothing.”

The System

There are many ways to reach a destination. If we desire a life of peace and happiness, we may approach this destination by beginning with a healthy body and the maintenance of that body. This System, that predates QiGong is a highly effective series of movements designed to do just that...maintain health!


Imagine your breath as water. Now imagine the invisible pathways this breath takes in your body as rivers through which water flows and gives life to our planet. Without water, life ceases. Without correct breath, disease and sickness insues. We will re-teach our bodies how to breathe health and vitality back into the body.


You will learn nine simple, yet potent postures. These movements, once mastered, award those who possess them with a potent elixir. This system can be learned by anyone regardless of age. Their secrets lie in commitment to their mastery.

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