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Meet Soha & Sentwali

Soha is an aspiring Ponderosa Pine; a Master Living Needle facilitating the art of surgery and needles without the use of surgery and needles. Sentwali is a Master Martial Artist & Herbalist. Together they offer their clients over 40 years of combined education in Chinese Medicine, Neuromuscular therapy, Martial Arts, and clinical experience in the field of holistic functional medicine.  


Soulmates and best friends, Soha & Sentwali are co-owners of a thriving holistic Functional Medicine Healing Center, Perfect Pair 4 Balance. Co-creators of Neuro Hydro Molecular Tissue Repair and Meridian Activation Protocol, they have developed an online Master the M.A.P. series of workshops and programs focused on teaching people to become experts on how to heal themselves. With a dream of developing a Mystery School combining their knowledge of ancient medicine with biochemistry, quantum physics, and classical sciences, they are currently collaborating with other health care practitioners to offer these powerful transformative programs online.


Our Greatest Joy

Our greatest joy is to witness people from all multicultural backgrounds, fully cleanse themselves of habitual destructive generational patterns that hold them captive to living their lives, free from fear, doubts, and discouragement.  To witness each person transform their trauma into their true super hero strengths.  Aligning their unique gifts rooted in health, love, and purpose. To promote healing and balance within themselves, their families, and this planet!   

Gentle Stream

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in Taoist principles imbedded within Classical Chinese Medicine combined with other ancient healing modalities connected to nature.  Each day, they remind clients that they are precious extensions of nature, this incredible earth, designed perfectly to find balance and regeneration.  Through honoring, protecting, and nurturing their delicate ecosystem, they can reach infinite health and renew daily, just like this incredible planet.  As Sentwali often shares with his students, “Through Discipline = Freedom.”

Keys to Success

Some keys to success are:

  • Knowledge of self, love of self, and embracing life with my best friend and soulmate, Sentwali.

  • Inspiring our clients to remember they are extensions of this miraculous earth and the
    people they love, so to honor their delicate ecosystems through healthy choices.

  • To functionally love ourselves allows us to functionally love others.

  • Humility, honesty, and the courage to do things different are three keys to healing.

  • Listen from the Heart.  We are dedicated to really listen to your needs, by understanding your health challenges and goals from a heart centered place.

  • Inspire transformation through education and offering functional tools that will facilitate you to become your optimal healthy self, best friend, advocate, and doctor.


Let’s play, create, and appreciate this life to the fullest!

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