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Master the M.A.P. Workshop

What is Meridian Activation Protocol? A proven, precise, functional medical system, rooted in ancient sciences, designed to transform you into becoming a living needle, a master receptor at listening, observing, & understanding what your body’s delicate ecosystem is communicating. This customized protocol gives you the tools on how to transform yourself into a thriving regenerative ecosystem.

Master the M.A.P. (Meridian Activation Protocol). A 5 Day FREE Workshop on Unlocking Keys to Infinite Health.

My name is Soha, I will be your guide, a living needle designed to facilitate your personal healing process.


Be a part of a growing community dedicated to improving your health, wellness, and personal transformation.

Be supported by a Health Dream Team of professionals committed to giving you essential tools that will teach you how to heal yourself.

Day 1 - Learn the maps of the body and how to declutter, detoxify, and cleanse yourself with Neuro Hydro Molecular Tissue Repair and other specialized techniques.

Day 2- Learn how to regenerate and rebuild a healthier you by practicing meditation, yoga, and ancient martial arts to increase your circulation, lymphatic system, and facilitate regulation of hormones to promote inner peace, harmony, and balance.

Day 3- Get ready to play in the kitchen with healthy delicious foods that support your unique constitution, maximizing how to heal your gut, absorb nutrients, and become a master at living with joy and creative play.

Day 4-Sharpen your skills of self-care, learning customized tools to unwind chronic degenerative patterns of disease.

Day 5-Learn how to become a catalyst of change for yourself, family, & friends.


Please contact Soha with any questions at 808.222.2049.

Day 1

What is the Cellular Matrix?  

How to till your personal topsoil, declutter our tissue, and regenerate healthy cells.  

Rejuvenate, restore, & rebuild daily.


The Body Never Lies - What is your body telling you?

Learn basic maps of body, how to read them, & how to access them to heal yourself.  

Learn how the flow of energy through the meridians affect the entire system.  

Understand how the lymphatic, circulatory, nervous system, organs, & endocrine glands work together.

How to apply principles of micro and macrosystems to detoxify, cleanse, and renew ourselves.


Living Needle Part 1 - Drain the pain!

Learn how to become a living needle and deactivate pain naturally with self-N.H.M.T.R. techniques.  

How to deactivate headaches, migraines, joint pain, abdominal pain.

Begin to dissolve arthritis & plaque in tissues.  Chisel away at petrified stress in joints, remove blockage around organs, wake up endocrine system.

Day 2

Go Para!  

Learn simple, powerful techniques on how to calm your sympathetic nervous system & optimize your energy by living in Parasympathetic state daily.


Moving Meditation  

Become a master at living life with ease & less tension while accomplishing more.


What is the Circadian Clock?

Learn how to live in harmony with your natural Circadian Clock.  Become an expert on why your system doesn’t seem to function optimally during certain parts of the day and evening.  Learn how to structure your schedule to optimize everything you do to be in synchronization with these natural rhythms.


Day 5

Sharpen your Spirit Part 2 - It’s selfish to be sick!

Continue learning ancient movement 3 9 12 system to maintain internal healthy home.

Learn how to functionally love yourself to functionally love others


Heighten & Heal your sensory organs to build immunity

Utilize ancient movement 3 9 12 system to activate sensory organs and promote improved healthy flow of energy, blood, & lymph.

Learn advanced self NHMTR techniques supporting healthy sensory organ functions.

Deepen understanding of your maps by connecting primary organs to corresponding emotions, sensory organs, & tissues of the body.

Nutritional tips to boost immunity


Transcend the Fear! How to become a healthy functional cell & not a cancer cell

Learn root causes of disease and how to sustainably maintain a healthy ecosystem where cancer cells do not thrive, and other abnormal cells die.

Become a master at absorbing nutrients, living with joy, creative energy, and play.

Become a master at letting go of toxins & negative belief systems that keep you in a self-induced prison.


Be a Catalyst of Change

Be a daily expression of your true vibrant healthy self.  Humility, honesty and having the courage to do things different is your mantra,  You are becoming wiser and younger everyday because, you are living in purpose, overflowing with abundant, vital essence. Your heart is singing with joy and your mind is at peace, because you are bringing balance to yourself, others, and this planet daily.  You are a catalyst of health, learning, growing, and thriving, living in harmony with your true spirit connected to life, renewal, and infinite health.

3 ~ 9 ~ 12 Systems of Movement

The System

There are many ways to reach a destination. If we desire a life of peace and happiness, we may approach this destination by beginning with a healthy body and the maintenance of that body. This System, that predates QiGong is a highly effective series of movements designed to do just that…maintain health!


Imagine your breath as water. Now imagine the invisible pathways this breath takes in your body as rivers through which water flows and gives life to our planet. Without water, life ceases. Without correct breath, disease and sickness ensues. We will re-teach our bodies how to breathe health and vitality back into the body.


You will learn nine simple, yet potent postures. These movements, once mastered, award those who possess them with a potent elixir. This system can be learned by anyone regardless of age. Their secrets lie in commitment to their mastery.

Master the M.A.P. Videos & Worksheets

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