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Wild Path

“Soha and Sentwali, you have given me the gift of knowledge and confidence to use that knowledge for the sake of healing.  I will share your gift as often as I can.  Soha, Dear Soha, I struggle to put into words how instrumental you have been in carving out a new path for me to travel down.  Just as you have used your tool to carve through the paths and channels of my body, you have cleared the way for me to take steps forward into a life I never dreamed I would have again.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”


Image by Saffu

“It is early in my journey with Perfect Pair 4 Balance, and with each treatment I feel positive changes.  Not only physical changes, but mental and attitude adjustments that I didn’t even realize I needed.  Perfect Pair 4 Balance is a perfect place for pampering, healing, and peace.”

Allison Moreland

“I have been dealing with sciatic pain for over three years.  After four sessions I am really pain free!  Thank you!"

Jim Moreland

Tall mountain

“Dear Very Fortunate Person, If you are reading this, then you are in the right place.  I was given a birthday gift for a session with Soha.  What a blessing!!  I have dealt with major pain for many years & will not take the typical pain medications Doctors prescribe.  Even over the counter stuff, I stay away from.  Soha is changing my life.  I am so impressed by her knowledge and talents.  She is helping me get well.  Now because of Perfect Pair 4 Balance I have the privilege to work with Sentwali.  These two embody what we all need.  Enjoy your journey with these wonderful people.”

— Anne Ramlacher

Image by Evan Wise
Image by Jason Leung

“It’s hard to find the right words to express my gratitude for Soha and Sentwali.  If you are reading this, I’m so glad you are here and have the amazing opportunity to experience what they have to offer.  It may sound cliche but Soha and Sentwali have transformed my life-they’ve not only changed physical symptoms that I have had for years, but they’ve changed my emotional state, my stress level, and have set an example for me on how to live life, how to work together, and how to make a commitment to something you are passionate about.  They amaze me in more ways than I could count and you are the luckiest person to be in their hands.  Prepare yourself for the amazing journey!”

Lauren Hajnos

Image by Luke Bender

“Perfect Pair 4 Balance has been a blessed added dimension to our lives.  The 90 minutes with Soha are a piece of paradise on earth-truly taking us to deeper levels of relaxation and well being.  Soha and Sentwali have devoted their lives and their gifts to helping others realize higher levels of physical health and educating us to live healthier and more productive lives.  We are forever grateful for Perfect Pair 4 Balance!”

— Forever Grateful

“I always feel wonderful when I leave Perfect Pair 4 Balance.  I feel out of sorts physically when I arrive and feel put back together when I leave.  I have also benefited from their education orientation.  I have learned so much about what is not making my body not work properly.  I have had severe plantar fasciitis for many years and the things I have learned from them has helped me to make important changes in what I do has created the relief I’ve been seeking for so long.  Thank you Perfect Pair 4 Balance.”

Antonio Martin

Natural Waterfall

“A work associate referred me to Perfect Pair 4 Balance two days prior to surgery to reconstruct my right shoulder.  Needless to say, I canceled my surgery.  The support over the past few months has been nothing short of exceptional and somewhat unbelievable.  I first visited for support for my shoulder.  Not only has my shoulder shown significant improvement, but three decades of two herniated & one torn disc in my back is relatively non-existent.  The first step for me was to believe I could live pain free.  Through the education I have received, coupled with phenomenal treatments I realized I can have a greatly improved quality of life.  If you are reading this you have taken the first step.  I recommend this for anyone experiencing any discomfort and have an open mind to true healing.”

Ken Williams

Image by Dylan Sauerwein
Mountain Range

“I came to Perfect Pair 4 Balance after many years of pain & limited mobility issues.  I was referred to Soha from a friend & colleague.  When I first came I couldn’t even lift my right arm without experiencing severe pain and couldn’t even carry a purse in my right hand/arm.  After just a few sessions I could lift my arm, and was experiencing less & less pain.  Now we continue to work on the many other areas that need work; bulging & herniated discs.  Oh my plantar fasciitis is also much better-this got better almost immediately using Soha’s NHMTR techniques-she showed me how to do it at home.  I am a believer in learning & using my body to heal itself-am still learning and am on my journey to wellness, after all it has been many years of living with pain-but I make progress every time I visit & continue to utilize what I learn at home.”


Image by Kunal Shinde

“Soha and Sentwali, Perfect Pair 4 Balance, are a gift.  I was referred to them by a relative.  My husband met Soha and heard about the Perfect Pair 4 Balance philosophy before I did and was really excited by the prospect of healing and the whole body spirit balance.  I was skeptical!  After just a few sessions, I have been amazed at the rapid healing to my left hand that has enabled me to fully use it again.  Not only that, but the awareness & education Soha has opened up has helped me to see how closely my emotions & spiritual life are tied to how my body is able to heal itself.  Our bodies, our whole self is wonderfully made by God.  I believe Soha & Sentwali are gifted with the talent to help us find the balance within to allow each of us to be ready to fulfill our true purposes, which God has designed for us.  Thank you Soha & Sentwali!  To you who are reading this, there are no coincidences in life.  You are here for a reason.  Receive their gifts with openness!


“Soha and Sentwali, two beautiful butterflies on a magical journey of health and happiness.  Each of us is a flower in their garden.  Aren’t we the lucky ones?  They flutter and fly in the moment each day. They land on us one by one bringing healing, peace, and positivity.  They truly are the Perfect Pair 4 Balance on the path of magic.  Each showing their colors in their individual ways.  I am forever grateful to be one of the flowers that has been gifted by their grace.  I came to them wilted and in pain, stressed and tired.  By their hands and hearts I am healed, pain free, peaceful and positive.  They have blessed me with health and wholeness.  I now stand tall in their garden.  My fragrance joins with the other blossoms and blooms.  All who enter into the magic they create will find a perfect and healing place to reside.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Soha and Sentwali.  You are truly the perfect pair. I send you love, joy, and peace.”

Patty Koznick

Image by Janine Robinson

“Soha & Sentwali, The Perfect Pair you are!!!  It has only been a short time that I’ve known you both, but it feels like we’ve known each other for centuries.  You both have been a blessing to me in more ways than one.  Our conversations have been so enlightening and I love how much I am learning about my body and how it works.  I had been taking Excedrin and or Advil/Tylenol almost daily for months and happy to say for the past two months I have not had the need to take any of these (but once for cramps). This is so huge for me as I’ve grown up popping these pills for a long time.  My second major accomplishment since working with this fantastic pair is my numbers from physical blood work were better than they’ve ever been.  I haven’t seen these types of numbers since my 20’s.  I’m so excited for everything that I have learned and seeing evidence that these things are improving, lifts my spirit.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!"

Gee Carter

Image by Dave Hoefler

“Thank you Perfect Pair 4 Balance for everything you instilled into me and my family.  The elimination of cheese is such a game changer.  I don’t miss cheese or milk at all and I can honestly say it was one of the best nutritional changes I have ever made.  Also, giving up caffeine is crucial to getting the adrenal system functioning the way it was designed to.  To this day I still use the self NHMTR methods to relieve headaches and body aches.  Despite the stress of the COVID crisis, we are all doing great!  Healthy and loving life.” 

“My journey with Soha & Sentwali has been one of excitement and learning!  I came in after an episode of anxiety attacks as an effort to try anything out there.  Well, it was the best decision that I could have made.  Immediately, Soha got to work recognizing how my body was struggling with blockage and has taught me how to be in tune with what my body is trying to tell me.  After about 3-4 sessions, I am glad to say that the overwhelming anxiety is finally over!  Sentwali has also been instrumental in enlightening me about nutrition and how certain foods are detrimental to my body.  Combined with the work that Soha is doing, I definitely feel like I am in a better place mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Once you start on this journey, you will soon discover it is never ending. Constant improvement is my new motto!”

— Robbie Sanchez


“Life experiences have thrown my husband and I many curve balls.  In the stress of the moment, with each curve ball thrown….we made ourselves and our health come last.  As it caught up with us, it began to intensely affect us. Our health and hearts suffered.  Herniated disc, high blood pressure, poor leg circulation/deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, heart palpitations, plantar fasciitis, grief/loss, and of course daily “stress” of running our own business….all contributed to our “pain”.  We started treatment with Soha…and our healing began.  Literally from the inside out.  My husband found her first and insisted that I see her.  For myself, Soha treated my physical pain as well as my emotional pain.  With her support, the grief and trauma of a recent loss would have resulted in grave health issues and depression.  She has worked a miracle with my chronic back pain and leg nerve damage.  My husband now says to me “you need Soha.” Soha has also helped me learn about my own body and its reactions.  I listen to my body more..and I have truly cared about what I put in it.  Soha always says, “Thank the body”.  I have learned to thank my body and appreciate all that it has put up with….especially me and my own actions. Even after getting bad medical advice and treatment from a physician that could have had severe detrimental health consequences…Soha handled herself with grace and concern.  She offered thoughtful, considerate advice without condemnation.  I felt supported and honored…rather than condemned.  She truly treats the body and the heart.”

— N.G.

— Martita Corley

Image by Joel Holland
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