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It’s time to Dig, Ride, and Play!

Freedom 2 Fly and COMBA are teaming up to make advocacy for our mountain bike community and trails easier and more rewarding than ever.


What is the Freedom 2 Fly COMBA Dig and Ride Volunteer Trail Building Program?


Trail fairies do exist!

Have you ever wondered how our mountain bike trails have become incredible works of art???  


How we continue to get special access to sacred mountain trails and always leave with ridiculous grins and giggles because these breath taking trails are designed perfectly for you?!?!


COMBA’s tireless advocacy is a huge part of how and why we continue to have such an amazing trail system on the front range in Colorado.


There are incredible efforts that go into building and maintaining our phenomenal mountain bike trails!


Trail fairies do exist, and you can become one of them! 


All of our beautiful pristine trails have skilled crews and volunteers who are constantly working behind the scenes to make our mountain bike trails extra safe and fun.


All you need to do is follow these steps and you can become a Freedom 2 Fly trail volunteer fairy too and earn extra rewards for all of your valuable efforts.


How do I sign up?

1. Sign up through COMBAS website and you will be eligible for COMBA

and Freedom 2 Fly rewards this year.


Once you register for work days through COMBAS Sign Up Genius events it’s time to get busy and start digging with us.


*In order to be eligible for both Freedom 2 Fly Dig and Ride and COMBAS volunteer programs please indicate you are a “Freedom 2 Fly trail fairy” in order for both organizations to track your volunteer time.


2. When you have completed 3 trail building days or 6 trail building days with COMBA, contact Soha at to receive all your Freedom 2 Fly discount codes.


How do you find dig & ride work days?

1. Sign up with COMBA


2. Email Soha at Soha@sohakushitama and request to be part of Freedom 2 Fly’s trail fairies what’s app group and get instant messages on upcoming Freedom 2 Fly dig and ride volunteer opportunities.


3. Download The Phoenix App and search for mountain biking specific events in your area with Freedom 2 Fly


4. Visit the Jeffco Open Space Ofero calendar and look for COMBA Trail work days.


Thank you for giving back to our mountain bike community by maintaining, preserving, and building our sacred trails!


As a Freedom 2 Fly trail fairy it is guaranteed you will become a better skilled mountain biker and open your world to deeper connections with nature and our amazing growing community!


See you on the magical mountain soon!

3 Volunteer Trail Building Days with Comba and Freedom 2 Fly Dig & Ride


• 10% off all accessories at select Trek stores

• 10% off with BERD Wheels

• Discounts with Khemyst in the Kitchen

• $75 for 1 hour private mountain bike coaching with Soha Kushitama

6 Volunteer Trail Building Days with Comba and Freedom 2 Fly Dig & Ride


• 10% off Trek bikes and 20% off accessories at select Trek stores

• 15% off with Pit Viper

• 15% off with BERD Wheels

• $75 introductory 90 minute NHMTR therapy with Perfect Pair 4 Balance

• Discounts with Khemyst in the Kitchen

• COMBA volunteer shirt

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