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Freedom 2 Fly Foundation believes in order to create a safer environment that encourages fun 4 all, transformative growth, healing to ourselves, and our precious planet; the center hub of everything we do must continuously rotate around optimal health. Learn more about our Scholarship Program.



Within this healthy safer space everyone can feel empowered.  No matter your economic and social background, as a community we can provide essential tools that support unity within ourselves, others, and our environment simultaneously offering access to life changing and healing experiences. Learn more about our Bike Library!

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Deepening our understanding of ancient principles on how our bodies function combined with sharing knowledge of how to live in greater harmony with our environment becomes a powerful catalyst for change. Our health and bike workshops help to prepare you for enjoying the great outdoors. Check out our events!

Mountain Biking in the Fog


Equipped with optimal health, proper gear, and skilled guides, we are able to explore our environments with a greater sense of efficacy and confidence.   Adventures into the unknown are outfitted with deeper understanding, respect, and responsible stewardship of ourselves and this land that we all share.  

Woman Painting


We are all artists and have our unique bird song!  Sharing music, food, spoken word, and other unique forms of expression, Freedom 2 Fly is dedicated to creating safe spaces for celebration.  Sharing our unique stories and strengths promotes optimal health in all of us. Join us for our annual Playing with the Stars fundraiser event!



Change is the one constant in life we can depend on.  Freedom 2 Fly embraces this ongoing journey with intentions of celebrating our unique skills while supporting one another to expand our compassion, creativity, and healthy authentic relationships.  



We inspire one another to continue to grow and learn. 

Couple Buying Asparagus


As we continue on this incredible trek of healthy evolution our energetic gradient and choices become more intentional.  Maintaining optimal health as our focal point we naturally help to elevate ourselves, the planet, and beyond.  Heal ourselves.  Heal the Earth. 



From this elevated inspired place, innovations are born.

Riding in the Forest


Striving for excellence can be a humbling process that offers multiple rewards each step of the way.  For mountain bikers, each wheel rotation we make leads us into endless possibilities.


Let’s excel our efforts to have accessibility 4 all, reflecting the diversity and beauty of the terrain we share.

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Fly Higher

We can soar higher not only on our mountain bikes but in life as we make optimal health our mission.

Family Bike Ride


Everything in nature works symbiotically together.  In order for us to receive we also must give.  Paying forward the resources we have creates a continuous flow of renewal and optimal health for everyone; including our precious planet. 


Freedom 2 Fly Foundation is committed to reciprocity by offering programs, events, and adventures that advocate for receivers to become leaders and continue this infinite cycle of renewal.


Mahalo to all that are inspired to reciprocate and become a part of our incredible community of evolution and health!

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