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Freedom to Fly Foundation’s mission is to provide growing opportunities of outreach, mentorship, and educational programs that facilitate opening the skies of joyful expression by playing in nature on bikes. While honoring our indigenous cultures, ancient traditions, and offering stewardship of this precious planet through the evolution of cycling, the wheels are in motion to embrace all cultures, ethnicities, and humans to establish stronger roots of unity within the mountain bike community and beyond.

Maya Angelou eloquently expresses in her astounding poem:


“Caged Bird”

The free bird leaps 

on the back of the wind

and floats downstream until the current ends

and dips his wings 

in the orange sun rays

and dares to claim the sky.

Evolution is a constant that requires a daily practice of reflection, introspection, and willingness to reinvent the wheels of our current cycling culture.  The integration and combination of love for cycling with ancient traditions of unity, harmony, and health can only lead to the boundless transformation of oppression into freedom.  The foundation of empowering people to fly with freedom in their lives is to offer functional tools of stewardship that promote balance within themselves and harmony for our planet. Let’s ride to the top of the mountain, catch the current winds of change and fly together down the trails of inclusion, harmony, human empowerment, and health! 

The Founders

Soha and Sentwali

Soha and Sentwali are Co Founders of Freedom 2 Fly Foundation providing opportunities for everyone to experience outdoor adventures on bikes combining educational classes on healthy lifestyle changes.  Their programs integrate advancing mountain bike access, improving riding skills, and providing education on nutrition, NHMTR, martial arts, and other modalities rooted in ancient forms of medicine.  


As a multicultural mountain bike couple, owners of a functional medicine clinic, Perfect Pair 4 Balance since 2010, and proactively promoting advocacy work combining their three loves of mountain biking, martial arts, and medicine; Freedom 2 Fly Foundation adds great value to our changing cycling communities.


The evolution of Freedom 2 Fly started as a local cycling club, IBCC (Immunity Boost Cycling Club), during COVID restrictions in 2020.  Hundreds of organized group rides and clinics later, IBCC created a safe environment for outdoor fun while promoting health and community.

We invest 1,000 of dollars on our mountain bikes and more to maintain them, so naturally we would invest in the health of our bodies so that the mountain bike and our bodies can flow and work harmoniously together!!

Why diversity is so essential to the evolution of mountain biking? We are nature!  

The more we ride our bikes in nature the more we are learning who we are.  Every time we are exploring a new trail, we are exploring ourselves.  Diversity is an integral part of this planet.  From the colorful plants, animals, and all living beings, we are experiencing diversity in its highest form when we are riding our bikes in the mountains. 

Why would the people riding these trails not reflect the diversity within them? 

They absolutely should and the mission of Freedom 2 Fly is to promote an environment that reflects diversity and health in mountain biking!


It has always been a dream of Soha and Sentwali to create a nonprofit to provide a powerful vehicle for companies who align with these same values of health, inclusion, and cycling to give back to communities in need.


This became a possibility in 2022 thanks to the innovation of Jessica Newton, CEO and Founder of Vibe Tribe Adventures, a 501C3. Freedom 2 Fly is powered by Vibe Tribes Adventures by receiving their fudiciary support. When you donate to Vibe Tribe Adventures with Freedom 2 Fly as your flag, you are helping to build brand awareness and support the development of needed programs that serve marginalized communities.   


Let’s continue the story of empowerment together as we partner and align with our common missions to promote optimal health, freedom, and fun 4 All!



Join us on our next adventure!

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