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What is NHMTR?

Neuro Hydro Molecular Tissue Repair is a unique form of body work that effectively activates the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  It is a non invasive gentle therapy that supports decluttering the cellular matrix of the body. NHMTR promotes cleansing and clearing of your entire system, regeneration of stem cells, and an essential detoxification of the organs, joints and other surrounding tissues.  Transformation to vital health occurs at a cellular molecular level by receiving consistent NHMTR treatments and applying the Meridian Activation Protocol daily.

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The Importance of NHMTR

Image by William Farlow


The nervous system innervates all of the bodies tissue and is the center of communication.  Through chronic inflammation, excess toxins build in the tissue impinging and compressing nerves potentially causing pain, fatigue, immobility and many other degenerative issues.  NHMTR therapists chisel away at this petrified stress in the body assisting to reset the nervous system and promote healthier circulation of blood, lymph, and energy.


Hydro stands for hydration of the tissues, an essential element to healthy cellular functions.  What does every healthy cellular function require? OXYGEN and WATER!!! The interstitial fluids of the body are where exchange of nutrients and waste occur at the cellular level.  When congestion builds in the body due to stress and unhealthy chronic lifestyle choices, this environment becomes extremely toxic and the processes of nutrient and waste exchange between cells become sluggish.  NHMTR targets optimal hydration of tissues with increased blood, lymph, and energy flow.  Therapists also teach clients how to deep belly breath which directly trains the brain and body to respond calmly to stressful triggers.  Education on how to implement healthier lifestyle changes that proactively assist hydrating the entire system with oxygen and water becomes key components to healing the body at a root level.


A molecule is the smallest possible unit of a chemical. Every experience, from emotions to daily activities, our metabolic functions are chemical realities in the blood.  For example, the emotion fear, is a chemical reality in the blood!  In a modern culture that promotes excess production of stress chemicals due to processed denatured foods, stimulants, depressants, extra “screen” time on computers, phones, and television; the average person’s nervous system is hyperactive and the system is overloaded on a molecular level.


The human body is made up of four distinct tissues.  Muscle, epithelial, connective, and nervous tissue.  These tissues are interconnected making up our entire body.  NHMTR specializes in detailed cleaning of these tissues while simultaneously promoting increased blood, lymph, and energy flow.


Repair in NHMTR reflects our bodies innate ability to heal and regenerate itself. However, since the body is extremely adaptable, our bodies ability to repair can be inhibited or activated depending on what environment we consistently expose it to.  In order to experience optimal health, the entire body needs to be a master at absorbing nutrients, remove waste, and repair on a molecular level. 

Image by Lisheng Chang

What is Meridian Activation Protocol?

A proven, precise, functional medical system, rooted in ancient sciences, designed to transform you into becoming a living needle, a master receptor at listening, observing, & understanding what your body’s delicate ecosystem is communicating.  This customized protocol gives you the tools on how to transform yourself into a thriving regenerative ecosystem.

My name is Soha, I will be your guide, a living needle designed to facilitate your personal healing process.

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