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Declutter the Cellular Matrix

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

What do you see in nature? Do you see yourself?

Universal Truths

Breaking Down Barriers and Belief Systems

Although there are diverse schools of thought on how to understand this profoundly simple yet complex living organism called the human body, NHMTR breaks down barriers of cultures, religions, and languages to acknowledge that truth stands on its own no matter what one’s ethnicity, socio economic status, educational background or religious affiliations may be. By acknowledging and researching sciences that span over 5,000 years combined with the infinite knowledge that nature provides; the development and inner workings of the human body miraculously mimic the formation and delicate ecosystems of the earth, galaxies, and beyond.

Symmetry - The Flower

Symmetry is everywhere within our bodies and within our outside world. From the symmetry you observe in a delicate flower to the symmetry seen within the spinous processes of the vertebral column, by observing the symmetrical patterns that are occurring all around us, its functional to acknowledge that people are living in a holographical universe. The old sages communicating the internal is a reflection of the external and vice versa, has never rung more true.

Introspection - Dive Deeply into Rabbit Hole of Truth

Each person who dives deeply into their personal symbolic “rabbit hole” of truth begins to unravel a sacred process of self discovery. NHMTR promotes each person to reflect on their personal limiting beliefs either passed down to them generationally or reinforced in programming from a societal structure masterfully built on fear and victim mentalities. It is a pivotal shift for an NHMTR therapist to help guide a person to take full responsibility for their current health conditions.

Shifting from being a victim to circumstances to fully embracing how and why a person is being challenged with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain is a key component to empowering them to begin the healing process at a root level. Receptivity to understanding and applying these universal principles of truth, first within the NHMTR therapist’s personal life will become an authentic way to support another person to eradicate limited belief systems and imprints that continue to keep them in a self-induced spiritual and physical prison.

Regeneration - The Gecko

It is extremely foolish for anyone to say definitively that your body cannot regenerate cartilage, or you are doomed to live with a disease for the rest of your life. That would mean the person who makes these limiting bold statements are The Creator of You and this clearly is not the truth! Science has proven the body is rapidly breaking down and regenerating so quickly that a person has a new body every seven years and a new liver every 3 months. These facts alone would indicate the infinite power our body has to break down, regenerate, and heal itself. If we have a similar nervous system, skeletal, and cardiovascular system as the gecko who can regenerate his or her tail throughout their lifetime, surely human beings with a more complex brain would have a greater capacity and ability to regenerate throughout their lifetime as well.

Ironically just as people have a much more complex brain as a gecko, people have a greater capacity to block the regeneration process. It is scientific fact that the average child, up to the age 6 years old can regenerate their fingers and toes. Thanks to the abundance of neural crest cells, stem cells, and an overabundance of blood and energy flow, children’s bodies mimic the rapid regeneration abilities of a gecko.

How and why would a person start to lose this phenomenal ability to regenerate as we grow older?Is it possible limiting belief systems, unresolved internalized emotions and trauma stored in the body could play a role? Link these acidic factors with denatured foods and unhealthy activities, people become fully responsible for playing active roles at inhibiting their innate ability to regenerate healthy cells?

Mindfulness - Miracles in the Mouth

A powerful concept that continues to find its way into current conversations is mindfulness. Living in a culture cluttered with confusion and heavy forms of stimulants it is easy to see how the nervous system and endocrine system are on overload. The truth is every moment of every day, people have multiple choices whether they agree to think, speak, and act from limiting belief systems based on worry, doubt, and fear. Whether or not a person is fully aware of their subconscious, every thought, words, and actions carry an intention designed to promote balance and health or contribute to death and disease.

What is NHMTR?

NHMTR therapy supports an essential process of clearing these congested pathways, our cellular matrix, simultaneously linking a person’s direct awareness to their internalized stuck emotions and limiting belief systems to systematically open up new ways of thinking and interacting with life.

Ultimately, one of the main goals of NHMTR is to synchronize our healthy self with thoughts and actions that harmonize together. From the very beginning, NHMTR therapy encourages and reinforces creative thought processes that activate the receptivity for a person to heal at the root level.

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