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Diversity in Ourselves, in Our Home, & Beyond

“Diversity emerges as the natural expression of a balanced relationship between human will and the will of heaven. The will of heaven is continuous, creative, evolutionary change.

Humans formulate ways of knowing that consist of models and systems. Newtonian physics, quantum mechanics, and the five-element system are examples. Theses model represent the human attempt to understand the earth and the nature of our lives upon it.

It is human nature to cling to these models and the momentary stability that they appear to afford amid continuous change. Our models remain static, and as we build them into monolithic structures whose foundations consists of assumptions and meanings we create, the true nature of life continues to evolve and outgrow them.

The edge of creative change is always beyond the grasp of our deepest intuition. The momentary stability afforded by such models is an illusion because the essential nature of life remains chaotic and unknowable.

Models are tools, elaborate stories and we must recognize them as such. Diversity is what emerges when individuals are each able to embrace the freedom to create their own mythology while simultaneously allowing others that same freedom. For the sage, all stories are created equal inasmuch as they empower the creative flow of life.”

Nourishing Destiny - The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine - Lonny S. Jarrett

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