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Regenerate and Rebuild Your Body: Food is Medicine!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Second Brain - The Wisdom of the Peach

A simple way to consider foods that support the body, especially the brain, to heal and regenerate healthy cells is based on what naturally grows from the earth. What is the difference between a peach and a donut? Does a donut tree exist? The peach tree produces perfect fruit that the body fully recognizes and understands as natural and nourishing. The entry and assimilation of the organic peach activates the healthy body to efficiently utilize and maximize the essential elements within this perfect food to support rebuilding healthy cells. Donuts and other highly processed foods have the exact opposite effect on the healthy self. This fake food is denatured, synthesized, and changed multiple times in a lab. If someone discovers a donut tree, I would love to see it, but they do not exist in nature! The body, which comes from nature, understands foods that grow naturally without the influence of pesticides, GMOs, and other unethical practices of synthesizing, isolating, and perverting the whole food.

The peach is rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that support healthy skin, bones, digestion, and regulate muscle and nerve function. Between vitamins A, B, C, E, K, potassium, niacin, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron, the peach is overflowing with powerful materials perfectly designed to restore the body. Beyond the physical form, our healthy spirit connects to the higher vibrational frequency and spirit of the peach engineered by The Creator! When you eat an organic peach ripened on the tree, your body recognizes and understands all its natural building material, maximizing every part of the peach to assist in rebuilding and generating healthy cells. It not only feeds the mind, body, and spirit, it promotes balance in the body and the earth. The wheels of harmony and balance in our precious ecosystem are set in motion with the assimilation of this delicious and nutritious peach! On the exact opposite spectrum of health and harmony enters a scientifically engineered foreign invader perverted multiple times from its original natural state to become a highly processed plastic food such as the gourmet "Duck donut." Clearly, the gourmet Duck donut does not grow from healthy soil but from a chemically imbalanced mind. When one observes the deeper long term effects of the donut polluting and stealing precious resources from the healthy self, one naturally can agree this fake food is not signed and sealed by The Creator.

Our precious living organism is forced to adapt to its new unnatural circumstances. The “plastic” foreign invader, aka the gourmet Duck Donut, may be appealing to the eyes with its bright synthetic colors laced with its highly sophisticated marketing jargon masterfully designed to shut down our healthy sensibilities and sound logic, but to the inner healthy self it equals death. The Duck Donut is symbolic of a very advanced, socially acceptable engineered machine designed specifically to appeal to what people crave: love, acceptance, celebration and joy mixed with orchestrated lies of fake food amped up with steroids of artificial flavors that taste good, feels good, and smells good. Imagine entering a room or home cluttered wall to wall, ceiling to floor, overflowing with boxes of garbage. Clutter attracts unhealthy spirits that thrive in an environment linked to the mini brains of the unhealthy bacteria and fungus that thrive in the second brain, our gut. In addition, when we discuss the spiritual implications of trauma, this highly toxic junk food becomes an addiction feeding unhealthy spirits linked to trauma and pain. Extreme unresolved and internalized emotions connected to anger, sorrow, frustration, worry and fear.

When a person says to “follow their gut” NHMTR therapists emphasize not to listen to your gut if the microbiome is exploding with unhealthy microorganisms, plaque, polyps and blockage. Once a pristine ecosystem has been exposed to this poison consistently, the spiraling effect of the gut becomes a central war zone of healthy versus unhealthy bacteria and fungus. Ultimately whichever consistent environment we feed the body, mind, and spirit is what expands. As medical doctors and neurobiologists such as Michael D. Gershon, M.D. confirm what ancient Chinese medicine has understood for 5,000 years, the gut is a reflection of the brain. Nerve cells in the gut act on the brain and will have direct communication to the nerve cells in the brain. The same turmoil in the gut reflects the mental fog, confusion, and inflammation that goes into full effect also known as “Phlegm misting the Mind” in Chinese Medical Diagnosis. The donut is not natural, void of any material that the body requires to build healthy cells, so our system tries to make sense of something unnatural. Missing magnesium, for example, the body may resource this essential nutrient from healthy heart cells. The donut contains no potassium, so the body steals this essential mineral from healthy bones. In order to support the body to regulate nerve and muscle function, the system responds to this self-induced hostile inflammatory environment and the system begins to deplete the body’s natural resources just to survive.

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