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Health Dream Team

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Stacey Phillips


they become physical balls of energy within our body that disrupt and imbalance the natural flow of energy. Trapped emotions and imbalances lead to physical manifestations such as chronic muscle/joint pain and migraines. They are also the root of most anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, and sleep disturbances. These trapped emotions vibrate at a negative frequency and attract negative energy. They become triggers, and people react to the world instead of responding to it. My goal in working with people is to move them from a negative vibration to a positive one. Once someone vibrates at a positive frequency, they attract positive energy and life naturally flows in a positive way.


Energy work is so simple and so powerful! Tap into the natural healing power of your body and mind by releasing negative emotions and imbalances in your body. I am here to help you move beyond whatever it is that is keeping you from being your true self and living the life you want to live.

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I am grateful I have found my third and most passionate career. My pediatric nursing and elementary education careers helped pave the path to realizing my compassion for others and my desire to help. I am now a remote energy healer. I find and release trapped emotions and bring balance to systems throughout the body. We all feel emotions every day. We are meant to feel our emotions fully and then let them go. If we don’t release them,


Elayne Oligschlaeger


Pampered Chef is on a mission to reinvent mealtime, enabling millions of people to gather together around the table fresh inspired food made faster and better. By reinventing mealtime we will change the perception of meals from a chore to an everyday opportunity to enrich lives. 


Pampered Chef is known for high quality and innovative cooking, baking and grilling tools that will be with you for years. Pampered Chef also wants to design products that will make it easier for people with a full plate to still have mealtime with their loved ones. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice mealtime with loved ones just because you have a busy life. We have something for everyone and all types of cooks. Recently Pampered Chef has introduced 3 electric tools to make cooking even easier:  a Pressure cooker, a Blender that cooks and an Air Fryer with a rotisserie and basket. 


Elayne offers a variety of opportunities and options to experience and try Pampered Chef products. She offers home parties, when not in a pandemic, so you and your friends can see and try the products, Zoom parties to demonstrate the products while you gather with your friends online, virtual and Facebook parties for the busy people, freezer meal workshops, cooking workshops, and wedding and gift registries. She can help you with great products for everyone including your young child, your child’s dorm room or first apartment, the new bride or groom, or someone looking to upgrade their kitchen.


This fall we have introduced new products including upgrades to our wonderful stoneware line, new cast iron (both regular and enameled cast iron), and fun new baking tools. Check out the new products at We also have our Enrichables line to make all your dishes more nutritious. We have also introduced a new program called TasteBuds  that will provide cooking inspiration every month, eliminate the dinnertime angst, and prevent your family from asking “Are we having _____ again?” To learn more about these products or Pampered Chef contact Elayne at (303) 868-9524 or email her at To see the Pampered Chef line of great products go to


Elayne has been an independent consultant with Pampered Chef for 15 years. Her love of cooking started as a child while helping her Mom bake wonderful treats. Over those years Elayne has had the pleasure of helping families enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking fun and healthy meals. She enjoys working to help remove the pain points from the cooking process and empowering her customers with cooking confidence. Once you purchase your products she will be there to make sure you know how to use them and get the most out of your products.


Poke Bowl with Salmon

Mary Hastings

The Harmonic Egg experience is a restorative emotional and physical response to light and sounds, promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being. In addition to helping people feel relaxed and alleviate stress, the Harmonic Egg has been shown to support a wide range of health related issues.  Our experience has shown that the various healing attributes of the Harmonic Egg restore balance to the body, thereby assisting in the healing process.


About Mary Hastings-After having been a CPA for over 30 years, Mary shifted gears to honor her true passion which is to help others. Towards this end she has received the following Certifications:

  • Certified Transformational Coach

  • Certified Herbalist

  • Certified Nutritional Consultant

  • Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Once Mary was introduced to the Harmonic Egg she knew that the Egg would be a vehicle to help others heal at a deep level.

Merlinda Arnold

Opening the Heart Life Coaching Sessions

Achieve a loving, purposeful life and look forward to future prosperity, good fortune, and great Love with my Opening of the Heart Life Coaching Sessions. Specially tailored to your individual needs this method of counseling draws


upon my Ancestry and ancient Egyptian Healing Techniques to bring clarity of purpose, removal of blocks, and most importantly, an opening of the heart center, so that your most beloved wishes and intentions motivate, energize and move you forward-courageously-into your boundless future!


Identify your current situation and explore where you really want to be. Find solutions to manifesting your most important needs and desires. I believe you are the Director of your Life and have the strength, power and courage to
uncover your true Passionate Purpose. Opening of the Heart Life Coaching Sessions do that quickly and purposefully.

Using multiple modalities such as Solution-Focused Therapy Intuitive Tarot Mythic Life Story exploration and Creative Visualization together we will unlock your true potential and your destiny. This is a fun, imaginative journey to your Heart's desire and, it is my intention to have you well on your Soul's Path, accomplishing your goals as quickly as possible.

Dr. Merlinda has been working as a Life Coach for over 24 years and Intuitive Tarot for 40 years. Her contact is Facebook ‘Dancing on the Milky Way’ and website:, email: melinda.p.arnold@gmail

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Yoga by the Ocean

Christina Willis

Christina is a 200-hour trained yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga for nine years. She is also a runner, weight lifter, and cyclist. Christina believes that yoga can improve our ability to breathe, remain calm, and even laugh in a physically-demanding situation on the mat, which is a transferable skill for dealing with other challenging life situations.

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Jessica & Jill Emich

Hello, I am Jessica Emich and I am happy to be here. I have a degree in restaurant management and culinary arts as well as my masters in holistic nutrition, certified in metabolic typing and am a master reiki practitioner. I was co-owner and Executive Chef at our first restaurant Trilogy Wine Bar & Lounge and have continued to oversee the kitchen and the creative of our menus for Shine Community. I create our Shine Potions formulations and the


energy vibrations that go into each batch. I believe food is fuel, everything you eat literally becomes you, so I take great responsibility in serving only the best ingredients and in a way to make sure it is properly digested and assimilated in your body to help make you feel great. My menus are unique, satiating and wildly delicious. Nourishing comfort food I like to call it.

Hi! My name is Jill Emich and I am thrilled to be part of the dream team. I have both a degree in restaurant management & culinary arts degree, as well as a Soul Sweat dance instructor and a certified Body Centered Transformation Life Coach. I have always enjoyed bringing people together and building community and inviting people to tap into the Magic Within. My mission and purpose in life is to continually encourage people (including myself) to explore and dig deeper into their personal beings, to


share their gifts and passions and SHINE from the heart. My role at Shine Community as well as teaching, helps fulfill that. I believe that feeling good in our bodies is vital to living an inspired life. Getting to feed people and quench their thirst in a health-giving way like we do at Shine inspires me every day. My focus is on the Shine Living Experience including our Marketplace, classes, continuing to build our community, and to be of service to the greater good.

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Kristin Lavelle

When people think of health, we often think of our physical being. How is our body feeling and

functioning? We think of our emotional health. Are we feeling content, peaceful and happy? We also may think of our spiritual health. Do we have a sense of meaning in our lives? Do we feel there is a higher power or greater purpose than ourselves?

When we think of health, what we don’t usually think about is our financial health. Money can be


a taboo topic and most people have a lot of feelings and preconceived notions tied to money.


We often don’t combine the two concepts – money and health. Yet these two concepts are naturally and fundamentally intertwined and greatly impact our lives.

I sensed the importance of this when I studied and received master’s degrees in both Finance and Counseling. If we don’t have financial health, our lives become out of balance and often very stressed, which affects our overall well-being.

Sometimes people get stuck and fearful or overwhelmed when it comes to money, when really money is just a “thing,” a tool that we can use to help us. I have the privilege of working with people to free their financial “stuckness” and guide them on a path where they can realize their goals and dreams.

Sometimes people ask how much money they need to have saved in order to work with me. And I respond, “No money at all!” People with little money can feel a great sense of joy and freedom in their lives, while those with a lot of money can feel overwhelmed and fearful. It’s not about how much money a person has, but about what they do with it, both logistically and emotionally.

It would be my honor to chat with you and see how we can achieve great financial health and make room for more of what you’d like in your life, both now and for your future.


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Martita Corley

I am grateful to be a part of the Dream Team. As I open my heart and mind to new experiences, Blessings flow.  It is an honor to join you and I look forward to this journey of learning and growth. Through intentional work centered on personal health you can breakdown barriers and limiting beliefs around aging and enhance your aging experience.  My mantra is “60 is the new 30” and I believe that through purposeful focus we are empowered to sustain health. Knowledge is key. I strive to be an example and encourage others to engage in something new that challenges the mind, body and spirit. 


I am a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA and I love helping others find natural solutions to support their physical, mental, and emotional health using essential oils. doTERRA products are all natural, effective, and 100% pure.  My husband Russell and I have used doTERRA for 3 years and it is amazing to experience the healing potential that nature provides.  Essential oils have countless benefits: in addition to supporting a myriad of symptoms, they help facilitate detoxification, relaxation, and provide immunity support at the cellular level.  I find that essential oils support in a gentle way and can be a wonderful addition to your wellness regime.


You may find a wealth of information at  Feel free to text or call me anytime at 210-445-2863 for a personal consultation to support you in your wellness journey.

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